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How to Apply for the Top Job?
By Jina Morris

Let’s start with a little exercise which will help you identify the top jobs! This way really works with lots of people in different life’s aspects. Bring a paper, divided into two columns, start writing the good sides of your current job, and on the other side write down the bad things about it.

Then, bring another paper and enlist the pros and cons of other suggested new job. Make a comparison between these two positions and see which position will get you more benefits. And it’s also important to know which company will support you and enhance your experience.

Some people prefer to take the plunge. Yes, it’s safe to apply to a job with competitors. You might find yourself getting a quicker decision making with confidence; you may surprise yourself with your qualifications and the ability to work under pressure.

Now, let’s follow some steps:

     1. Insert your resume to lots of job portal channels.

     2. Do your research to find the best position in the right company.

     3. Follow the above method.

     4. Then, sell your achievements.

Tips for Today: It’s important to get more information about the company you are going to apply for a job in. 


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